Blue Cross and Blue Crescent Society (BC) has been registered in India. Now this Organisation is legally authorised to work freely in any part of the World for humanitarian .


At the present time many members are in the process of setting up District Chapters and organising activities and carry out these activities within their own District Chapters. Our current mandate is to provide assistance to those members of our District Chapters that require our support. Our organised activities will help us gain full consultative status with the Federation Blue Cross and Blue Crescent Societies (FBC). FBC National Societies must remain active with a full program of activities for members to remain compliant with FBC criteria to retain FBC National Society membership.

Activities carried out by our members cover a wide range of types of activity from awareness campaign for health, human rights, human welfare and peace, save the environment, or promote education about sustainable farming and food growing methods, educational projects relating to disaster preparation, emergency planning, survival, and disaster recovery.