Blue Cross and Blue Crescent Society (BC) has been registered in India. Now this Organisation is legally authorised to work freely in any part of the World for humanitarian .


Objectives of the Society

The Blue Cross & Blue Crescent Society is a volunteer-led humanitarian agency that speaks out and campaigns on behalf of people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are. We are part of the Blue Cross and Blue Crescent movement, and implement the mission themed programs and campaigns of the Committee of the Blue Cross and Blue Crescent. We are the national delegation representing India on the Conference of the Blue Cross and Blue Crescent Movement (CBCM). We are working towards full consultative status as part of the Federation Blue Cross and Blue Crescent Societies (FBC), and organise the humanitarian activities of the Blue Cross & Blue Crescent Society.

Become part of the Blue Cross Blue Crescent Society:

Would you like to become part of the Blue Cross & Blue Crescent Society? There are many ways for you to get involved with our work. Why not consider becoming a volunteer member of your local FBC District Chapter community, get involved in training activities, helping out on projects, fundraising challenges etc., – whatever takes your fancy. Further, if you have a current group project or an idea for a project, then why not bring your project under the blue cross or blue crescent banners. Your project could be awareness campaign for health, human rights, ethnic, racial, or gender equality, disability rights, human welfare, animal welfare, peace activism, substance abuse & drug prevention, anti-human trafficking lobbying, save the environment, or promote education about sustainable farming and food growing methods, educational projects relating to disaster preparation, emergency planning, survival, and disaster recovery. Have a look around our website and the websites of our delegations and see what suits you best.